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AerCap Secures $3B CFM LEAP Engine Deal, Launches Dividend and $500M Buyback

In a strategic expansion of its fleet capabilities, AerCap Holdings N.V. has inked a deal for 150 CFM LEAP engines, concurrently announcing a new share repurchase program and its inaugural dividend.


AerCap's Q1 2024 Earnings and $500 Million Buyback Plan

AerCap's first quarter 2024 boasts a net profit of $604 million, alongside a $500 million share repurchase authorization, reflecting a robust financial health.


Embraer Advances Plans for 737-Sized Narrow-Body Jet to Compete with Boeing and Airbus

Embraer is actively seeking partners and investors for its ambitious project to enter the narrow-body jet market, challenging Boeing and Airbus's dominance with a new aircraft.

AerCap Holdings N.V., headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is the world's largest aviation leasing company with 1,486 aircraft and various aviation assets as of Q3 2023. Following significant acquisitions and the complete sell-off of GE's stake by November 2023, it is now fully publicly owned, with Wellington as its largest shareholder.

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AerCap Leases Four 737-800 BCFs to JD Airlines

The lease for four 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters to JD Airlines is scheduled for delivery in 2024. This deal supports JD Airlines' cargo operations in China and Asia, enhancing logistics capabilities for JD Logistics.


Amelia Expands Fleet with Three Airbus A320s from AerCap

Amelia, a French carrier, has secured a lease for three Airbus A320 aircraft from the Irish-based lessor AerCap, aiming for a total of six Airbus jets in its fleet by year-end, with operations across its French and Slovenian divisions.


Corsair Enhances Fleet with A330neo from AerCap

French airline Corsair begins renewal of its fleet with the acquisition of the first Airbus A330neo out of an order of four from AerCap, marking a significant upgrade in passenger experience.