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Hype's China news stream aggregates the latest developments and strategic movements within China's aerospace and defense sectors. Our coverage includes advancements in aircraft manufacturing, space exploration initiatives, and the evolving role of China in the global aerospace market, providing professionals with the critical information needed to understand this major player's impact on international dynamics.

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China Preps Sharp Sword Stealth Drone for Amphibious Assault Ships

Evidence mounts that China's stealthy GJ-11 Sharp Sword drone is slated for deployment on new amphibious assault ships, potentially enhancing their operational capabilities.


US Considers Actions Against Chinese Suppliers to Russian Defense Industry

The US State Department announced on Thursday that it is weighing new measures against Chinese firms aiding Russia's defense sector, indicating a tightening stance on international support for Russian military capabilities.


Chang'e 6 Discovers Key Lunar Particles on Far Side

The Chang'e 6 mission has identified significant particles on the moon's far side, enhancing our understanding of lunar regolith chemistry.

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Volant Aerotech Secures USD14 Million in Series A

Volant Aerotech, a rising eVTOL player from China, announced a USD14 million investment during their latest Series A funding round. This marks their sixth financial event since 2021 and the third hundred-million-yuan financing round since 2024.


ESA-China Lunar Partnership May End with Chang'e-6

Despite the success of the Chang'e-6 mission, European Space Agency and Chinese collaboration on lunar exploration may cease. Future missions appear uncertain due to geopolitical and strategic considerations.


Airbus Raises Concerns Over EU-China Trade Tariffs

Airbus has voiced concerns about escalating trade tensions, following the EU's decision to impose higher tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles. The aerospace giant emphasizes the potential repercussions for its global supply chain.


AerCap Leases Four 737-800 BCFs to JD Airlines

The lease for four 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters to JD Airlines is scheduled for delivery in 2024. This deal supports JD Airlines' cargo operations in China and Asia, enhancing logistics capabilities for JD Logistics.


China Postal Airlines Expands 737-800BCF Fleet to 15

China Postal Airlines has redelivered its fifteenth 737-800BCF, strengthening its status as mainland China’s largest operator of the type. This 2007-vintage freighter, formerly of Xiamen Airlines, departed Guangzhou and arrived in Nanjing on June 8.


India's Rafale and S-400 Counter PLA J-20 Deployment

New satellite imagery confirms the positioning of J-20 stealth fighters by the PLA Air Force near the LAC. Indian armed forces are confident that their Rafale jets and S-400 systems can effectively deter these threats.


Critical Metals to Acquire Greenland Rare Earth Mine for $211M

The acquisition aims to secure a non-China supply chain for rare earth elements, essential for aerospace and defense. The US and NATO are pushing for diversification away from Chinese dominance in rare earth refining and production.


China's Chang'e-6 Lands in Moon's SPA Basin

On June 2, China's Chang'e-6 robotic lander successfully touched down in the South Pole-Aitken Basin, marking a significant milestone for lunar exploration. Cao Genyang from Wuhan Textile University contributed to the national flag development team's efforts.