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Kopter's AW09 Helicopter Aims for Superior Performance

The AW09 is set to enhance capabilities in general aviation and defense sectors, promising versatility and high performance.


Japan Coast Guard Expands Fleet with Additional Subaru Bell 412EPX Helicopters

Japan Coast Guard has ordered two more Subaru Bell 412EPX helicopters, bringing their total fleet to six. This expansion marks a significant step in enhancing their operational capabilities.


Colorado's $24M Firehawk Helicopter Grounded During Lake County Wildfire

The advanced Firehawk helicopter, a converted Black Hawk, was not deployed during a recent wildfire in Colorado despite its potential strength in firefighting.

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NH Industries Secures €600M NATO Contract for NH90 Upgrade

The NATO Helicopter Management Agency has contracted NH Industries to enhance the software capabilities of the NH90 military helicopter, benefiting both naval and troop transport variants. This agreement, valued at over €600 million, signifies a major advancement in operational capabilities.