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The drones section on Hype offers a comprehensive look at the rapidly evolving world of unmanned aerial vehicles. Our expert analysis covers the latest advancements in drone technology, regulatory changes, and the expanding use of drones across industries, from commercial delivery to environmental monitoring.

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Virginia Tech Receives Grants to Standardize UAS for Herbicide Applications

The grants aim to advance the use of unmanned aerial systems in agricultural herbicide spray applications, focusing on establishing standards and improving efficacy.


US Military and Congress Clash Over Aircraft Shelters Amid Drone Threats

Increased drone threats have intensified the disagreements between the US military and Congress regarding the need for enhanced aircraft shelters. The discord comes at a time when the protection of combat aircraft is becoming more critical.


China's HH-100 Cargo UAS Completes First Test Flight

The Aviation Industry Corp. of China has successfully conducted the maiden flight of the HH-100, an uncrewed aerial system designed for large cargo transport, in Shaanxi province.

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French Veloce 330 UAV Now Available for Air Force Use

EOS Technologie's Veloce 330 boasts an 80 km range and three-hour endurance, marking a significant advancement for military UAVs. This kamikaze drone enhances operational capabilities for the French Air Force, offering extended missions and improved target precision.



Baykar Ranks Among Top 10 Turkish Exporters

Drone manufacturer Baykar has become one of the top 10 largest Turkish exporters in 2023, marking a significant milestone as the first defense and aerospace company to achieve this status.


Ukrainian Drone Damages Russian Su-57 Fighter

A Ukrainian drone strike damaged a Russian Su-57 Felon at Akhtubinsk airfield, located approximately 589 kilometers from the frontline. This incident marks the first known hit on a Russian 5th-generation fighter.



Drone Delivery Faces Economic Hurdles

While technological advancements in airborne delivery are ongoing, the primary obstacle remains the cost-effectiveness of package delivery to homes, impeding wider adoption.