About Hype

Hype is an advanced news aggregation and media intelligence service that is powered by cutting-edge AI technology, exclusively catering to aerospace industry professionals and enthusiasts. In a world where over 2500 aviation, defense, and space-related articles are published on an average weekday, our service serves as a reliable and indispensable source of industry news, alleviating the challenge of staying up to date for even the busiest of professionals.

Our proprietary algorithms consider a multitude of factors sorting through this vast pool of news stories to ensures that our reader don't miss any important development. In addition to these automated systems, a team of content curators supplements the process with editorial judgment, to maintain the highest standards of quality and accuracy.


Founded in 2017 by Robin Koenig, Hype Aviation was designed with the ambitious goal of providing readers with a convenient and consolidated platform for staying up to date on aviation news, eliminating the need to sift through hundreds of separate sources. Over time, we have continuously improved and optimized our technology, earning the reputation of being a leading media intelligence service for the aerospace industry.

In late 2021 Hype Aviation welcomed Isaac Alexander to the team, leveraging his extensive expertise and knowledge of the aerospace industry. Isaac is responsible for maintaining the events database and augmenting the automated Hype news curation system, ensuring that our readers receive the most comprehensive and accurate coverage of the latest developments in aviation, defense, and space.

We welcome feedback and suggestions from our readers and invite you to reach out to us at [email protected].