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Vyoma Commissions Aerospacelab for Debris-Tracking Satellite

Belgian firm Aerospacelab will construct a third small satellite for Vyoma's planned constellation aimed at monitoring space debris, enhancing the startup's capabilities in space traffic management.


Satellite Megaconstellations Threaten Ozone Recovery

New research indicates that the aluminum oxide particles released from deorbiting satellites in megaconstellations could impede the recovery of Earth's ozone layer, exacerbating environmental concerns.


Antonov Delivers Turksat 6A Satellite to Florida for SpaceX Launch

Antonov Airlines successfully transported the Turksat 6A satellite from Ankara, Turkey to Florida, USA, marking Turkey's first geostationary communication satellite launch by SpaceX.

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ESA Plans Satellite Network to Rival SpaceX's Starlink

The European Space Agency (ESA) is exploring the development of a secure mega-constellation of satellites aimed at delivering high-speed broadband, positioning itself as a competitor to SpaceX's Starlink.


AI Drives Innovations in Satellite Imaging

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing satellite imaging by optimizing data processing and enhancing image accuracy, although it's not a flawless solution.


Odysseus Moon Lander Unveils Earth's Detectable Technosignatures

The Odysseus moon lander, spearheaded by astrophysicist Jack Burns, marks the beginning of radio astronomy from the lunar surface, offering insights into what technosignatures from Earth could potentially be observed by extraterrestrial intelligence.


Critical Need for Accurate Space Weather Forecasts

Recent initiatives expose the significant impacts of space weather on essential government and commercial satellite operations, highlighting the need for enhanced forecasting capabilities.


NTU Unveils Singapore's Largest Satellite

Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has introduced its 14th and largest satellite, aimed at bolstering the nation's space technology capabilities.


India's Rafale and S-400 Counter PLA J-20 Deployment

New satellite imagery confirms the positioning of J-20 stealth fighters by the PLA Air Force near the LAC. Indian armed forces are confident that their Rafale jets and S-400 systems can effectively deter these threats.