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Leonardo and Textron Promote M-346N as Optimal T-45 Goshawk Replacement for US Navy

Leonardo and Textron Aviation Defense are pitching the M-346N to the U.S. Navy as the best low-risk, no-drama replacement for the T-45 Goshawk in its Undergraduate Jet Pilot Training System.


Textron eAviation Completes Fuselage Assembly of Nexus eVTOL

Textron eAviation has successfully mated the two halves of the fuselage for its Nexus eVTOL demonstrator. This milestone marks a significant step in the development of their electric vertical takeoff and landing technology.


Bell Advances in DARPA SPRINT X-Plane Program with Phase 1B Funding

Bell Textron Inc. has secured funding for Phase 1B of DARPA's Speed and Runway Independent Technologies X-Plane Program, achieving a major milestone in the high-speed vertical takeoff and landing X-plane initiative.

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Textron eAviation Acquires Amazilia Aerospace

Textron eAviation has acquired all assets of Amazilia Aerospace, a German firm specializing in digital flight control, flight guidance, and vehicle management systems for manned and unmanned aircraft.