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Vancouver Port May Revise Rules Following Seaplane and Boat Collision

Following a recent seaplane crash into a pleasure boat at Coal Harbour, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has indicated that regulations for seaplane operations could be updated based on TSB recommendations.


Floatplane Collides with Boat in Vancouver's Coal Harbour, Injuries Reported

Emergency crews responded to a floatplane crash in Vancouver's Coal Harbour, resulting in multiple injuries and hospitalizations. The incident involved a collision with a boat.


Harbour Air Expands with New Routes, Summer Sale, and Tour Package

Harbour Air introduces new flight routes and destinations, alongside a summer seat sale and an expanded tour package, enhancing travel options for the season.

A lot has changed since we started flying B.C’s coast back in 1982. We’ve grown from a two seaplane airline servicing the forestry industry to one of the world’s largest all-seaplane airlines in the world, flying over 500,000 passengers a year (prior to March 2020). Throughout the company’s growth and memorable milestones, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to safety, team spirit, innovation and service. We’re here to share a little bit about what makes Harbour Air unique and some of the accolades we’ve earned along the way.

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