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Air Canada Boeing 777 Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Fire

Flight AC872 bound for Paris experienced a compressor stall shortly after takeoff from Toronto Pearson, leading to an engine fire. The aircraft landed safely with 389 passengers and 13 crew onboard.


Air Canada Offers Free Snacks and Drinks in Economy

Air Canada now provides complimentary premium snacks, beer, and wine for economy passengers on domestic and transborder flights.


Air Canada Sues Passengers for $2K Award Over 24-Hour Delay

Air Canada is challenging a Canadian Transportation Agency decision to compensate two passengers $1,000 each for a 24-hour delay on a flight from Vancouver to Costa Rica in 2020.

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13-Year-Old Detained for Air Canada Bomb Hoax

A 13-year-old from Meerut was detained after sending a hoax bomb threat email concerning a Delhi-Toronto Air Canada flight, which triggered high alert protocols at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport.


Air Canada Cleared to Test Flight Attendant for Drug Use

A federal labour arbitrator ruled in favor of Air Canada's request to test a flight attendant's hair for drugs following reports from his colleagues that he was smoking a bong and making jokes about hijacking.