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Axiom Space Envisions Lunar Missions Amidst Earth Orbit Expansion

Axiom Space's ambition extends beyond Earth's orbit, marking a new era in space exploration with plans for moon missions.


Türkiye's Second Astronaut to Conduct Experiments with Virgin Galactic

Tuva Cihangir Atasever, Türkiye's second astronaut, is set for a suborbital research flight from Virgin Galactic's Spaceport in New Mexico to carry out seven scientific experiments.


NASA Advances Lunar and LEO Missions with Innovative Spacesuits

In a significant move for space exploration, Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace are spearheading the development of advanced spacesuits for NASA's ambitious lunar and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) endeavors.

Axiom Space, Inc., an American space infrastructure developer established in 2016 by Michael T. Suffredini and Kam Ghaffarian, launched its inaugural spaceflight, Axiom Mission 1, to the International Space Station in 2022, marking the first commercially crewed private spaceflight. The company, headquartered in Houston, Texas, has a strategic vision to operate the world's first commercial space station in the late 2020s, with a workforce that includes notable figures such as former NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. Axiom Space is expanding the horizons of human spaceflight for both government and commercial astronauts, with a focus on in-space research, manufacturing, and exploration.

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