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Our International Space Station coverage offers a window into the orbiting laboratory that has become a symbol of global cooperation in space. Get the latest updates on scientific research, crew expeditions, and the technological advancements aboard the ISS that contribute to our understanding of space and life on Earth.

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NASA Broadcasts False Simulation of ISS Emergency

On Wednesday, NASA mistakenly aired a simulation of astronauts suffering decompression sickness on the ISS, creating unwarranted emergency speculation on social media before clarifying it was a routine drill.


ISS to Test Life's Survival on Space Station Exterior

An astronaut will collect samples from the exterior of the ISS during a spacewalk to examine how life forms endure space conditions.


Short Space Trips Cause Significant Physiological Changes in Tourists

New studies reveal that space tourists experience body changes similar to long-term astronauts, including the impacts of microgravity and radiation exposure.

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Tim Peake Raises Concerns Over ISS Replacement Delay

The International Space Station's scheduled retirement in 2030 is approaching, yet major space agencies have not reached an agreement on its successor, prompting concern from astronaut Tim Peake.


Cargo Ship Departs ISS, Rockets Near Launch

The Progress 86 spacecraft departed the ISS early May 28, leaving four spacecraft docked. Meanwhile, two more rockets are set to launch within the week as the Expedition 71 crew continues their research.