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Access the latest on United Airlines through our specialized coverage, which offers a detailed account of the airline's operational strategies, sustainability efforts, and customer service enhancements. Our reporting provides insights into United's role in shaping the future of air travel amid the evolving demands of the global market.

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United Engages HBCU Students at Denver Training Center

United Airlines hosted 50 students from six HBCUs at its Denver training center, offering insights and mentoring from over 30 pilots currently on staff.


Alaska Airlines and British Airways Enhance London Route Partnership

Starting mid-June 2024, Alaska Airlines will code-share with British Airways for flights to London Heathrow, available for booking on Alaska's website. This expansion solidifies the relationship between the two oneworld alliance members.


United Airlines Adds 200 Flights for Both Political Conventions

United Airlines announced an increase of approximately 200 flights to service the influx of passengers attending the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in Chicago and Milwaukee this July and August.

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United Airlines to Automate Alternate Airport Search

United Airlines introduces a new feature to help travelers find alternate airports near their destination in response to delays, cancellations, and high fares. The initiative aims to alleviate travel disruptions and improve passenger experience.


FAA Denies Lifting Restrictions on United Airlines

The FAA has refuted United Airlines' claims of lifting operational restrictions, maintaining the freeze on the airline's certification activities imposed in March due to safety concerns.