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HAVELSAN Trains Over 8,600 Pilots with Domestic Flight Simulators

Ankara-based software company HAVELSAN delivered its 5th flight simulator to Turkish Airlines, supporting the training of over 8,600 airline pilots to date. This milestone enhances Turkey's pilot training capabilities.


Turkish Airlines Sees 7.3% Capacity Boost in May 2024

Turkish Airlines reported a notable increase in capacity for May 2024, achieving a 7.3% rise compared to previous months. The airline's performance continues to show steady growth in passenger traffic.


Turkish Airlines Launches 'Tomorrow On Board' Sustainability Initiative

Turkish Airlines introduces its 'Tomorrow On Board' program, aiming to foster sustainability and enhance passenger experience. The initiative was unveiled in Istanbul, showcasing the airline's commitment to greener operations.

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IndiGo Expands Fleet with Major Airbus A350 Order

IndiGo has confirmed a significant expansion with an order of 30 Airbus A350-900 aircraft, powered by Rolls Royce's Trent XWB engines, alongside options for 70 more, marking a strategic shift toward long-haul flight capabilities.