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Spirit AeroSystems Appoints Irene Esteves as CFO After Sudden Departure of Mark Suchinski

Irene Esteves, a director at Spirit AeroSystems since 2015, has taken over as CFO following the immediate resignation of Mark Suchinski. This leadership change occurs as the company explores potential sales to Airbus and Boeing.


Spirit AeroSystems CFO Mark Suchinski Steps Down, Irene Esteves Named Successor

Spirit AeroSystems announces the resignation of CFO Mark Suchinski, with Irene Esteves set to assume the role. This transition marks a significant change in the company's financial leadership.


Boeing in Talks to Acquire Spirit AeroSystems

As Boeing aims to enhance quality, it is negotiating to acquire Spirit AeroSystems, a key supplier building the 737 fuselage in Wichita, Kansas.

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Boeing Explores Acquisition of Spirit AeroSystems Amid Challenges

Boeing aims to purchase Spirit AeroSystems, the key Wichita-based supplier responsible for the 737 aircraft bodies. This potential deal holds significant implications for Wichita's aviation sector, known for its historical ties to aircraft manufacturing.