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California Coastal Commission Postpones SpaceX Launch Plan Review

The California Coastal Commission has delayed its agenda item on increased SpaceX launches at Vandenberg Space Force Base by at least two months, impacting SpaceX's operational timeline.


Space Force Utilizing Commercial Satellites for In-Space Monitoring

The Space Force is pivoting to leverage commercial satellites to enhance its capabilities in monitoring satellite maneuvers directly from space, moving away from ground-based observation methods.


Lawmakers Question Space Force's GPS Resiliency Strategy

Concerns are raised over the Space Force's plan to enhance GPS resilience through satellite proliferation, with some lawmakers suggesting the approach may have critical flaws.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Faces Weather Challenges

The 230-foot Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral's Launch Complex 40, but current weather forecasts predict rain and storms that might affect the launch window.


US Tests Minuteman III Nuclear Missile

The significance of these tests was underscored by Space Force Colonel Bryan M. Titus. The drill aims to validate the missile's readiness and reliability as part of strategic deterrence initiatives.