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Small Plane Crashes in Arvada Injuring Four

The aircraft went down in a residential area of Arvada, Colorado. Two adults and two juveniles onboard were injured.


NTSB to Release Safety Recommendations on 2023 Near-Collision in Austin

The National Transportation Safety Board will meet Thursday to discuss safety recommendations following the near-catastrophic February 2023 incident involving a FedEx plane and a Southwest Airlines jet at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.


Study Confirms Equal Safety in Boeing and Airbus Aircraft

An analysis of NTSB incident records from 2014 to 2023 by Lynnwood Times reveals no significant safety differences between Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

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Aircraft Incident Prompts NTSB Investigation

During a certification attempt, a private pilot candidate's misjudged landing resulted in the aircraft stopping in grass beyond the runway, highlighting the importance of adhering to landing protocols.