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Lilium Establishes APAC HQ in Shenzhen's Bao'an District

Lilium has signed an agreement with Shenzhen's Bao'an District to create its APAC regional headquarters through its new Chinese entity, Powerful Wing.


Lilium Secures Funding to Extend Prototype Development Timeline

Lilium has extended its development timeline by three to four months with a successful capital raise concluded at the end of May, according to CEO Klaus Roewe.


Lilium's eVolare to Launch eVTOL Air Taxis in London

UK operator eVolare has secured 4 Lilium eVTOL aircraft with options for 12 more, initiating air taxi services in the London area.

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Lilium Secures $114 Million Financing Through Public Offering

Lilium has raised $114 million, including $40 million through a public offering of Class A shares and warrants. This financing includes substantial participation from existing shareholders and company insiders, moving Lilium closer to the first manned flight of the Lilium Jet.