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Archer Receives FAA Part 135 Certification

AirInsight reports: PR: Today Archer announced that it has received its Part 135 Air Carrier & Operator Certificate from the FAA Archer is one of two air taxi manufacturers in the world to have announced receipt of a Part 135 certification from the FAA Archer plans to use conventional aircraft now to refine its systems and procedures.


BETA Technologies Gains Ground in Middle East AAM Market

While Joby, Archer, and EHang dominate headlines, BETA Technologies has been quietly advancing its presence in the Middle East's advanced air mobility scene.


Joby Acquires Xwing's Autonomy Division for Electric Air Taxis

Joby Aviation has acquired the autonomy division of Xwing, positioning itself as a leading player in autonomous eVTOL technology.


Joby Aviation Partners with Mukamalah to Introduce eVTOL in Saudi Arabia

Joby Aviation has signed an MoU with Mukamalah, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, to deploy its eVTOL aircraft in Saudi Arabia, expanding its presence in the Middle East.

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Joby Advances Electric Air Taxi Flight Testing

Joby Aviation has successfully completed its pre-production prototype phase in its aircraft flight test program, marking significant progress towards commercial passenger service.