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JAL Plans Regional Aircraft Fleet Renewal Starting 2028

Japan Airlines aims to prioritize regional jet and turboprop orders beginning 2028-2029 to support its domestic operations.


Japan Airlines and IndiGo Announce Codeshare Agreement Starting October

Japan Airlines has secured a codeshare deal with IndiGo, enabling their first joint flights beginning in October, enhancing connectivity between Japan and India.


JAL and JAXA Test Aircraft with World's First Riblet Shape Applied Over External Paint

Japan Airlines (JAL), in collaboration with JAXA, O-Well, and Nikon, conducted a flight test on an aircraft featuring the innovative riblet shape applied to its external paint to improve aerodynamics.

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Explore Japan Airlines' JAL Sky Museum

Discover the JAL Sky Museum, an aviation museum showcasing the history and technology of Japan Airlines, offering unique insights into PaxEx advancements.


JAL Debuts Safran's Unity Seat on A350-1000

Japan Airlines has become the launch customer for Safran Seats GB's Unity seat, featured in its new Airbus A350-1000, enhancing passenger experience in business class.


JAL Profit Hit by Yen's Historic Slump

Japan Airlines Co. faces profit challenges as the yen's 34-year low impacts its financial outlook, signaling possible turbulence ahead.


Boeing 727 Transformed into Luxury Airbnb Experience

Previously soaring for Japan Airlines, a classic Boeing 727 has been repurposed into a unique accommodation, offering guests a lavish stay with amenities such as a bedroom and kitchen for $438 a night.