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Our Intuitive Machines news feed provides insights into the company at the forefront of lunar exploration and space technologies. As Intuitive Machines advances its mission to deliver scientific and commercial payloads to the Moon, our coverage keeps you updated on their progress, milestones, and the broader impact of their lunar surface access services on space exploration and industry.

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Sidus Space Partners with Intuitive Machines in NASA's Lunar Project

A significant collaboration has emerged as Sidus Space joins forces with Intuitive Machines as part of the RACER team, contributing to NASA's Lunar Terrain Vehicle initiative.


Intuitive Machines Sets 2024 for Next Moon Mission

Targeting the last quarter of 2024, Intuitive Machines Inc. is advancing its lunar exploration agenda, as confirmed by its billionaire founder.


Boeing Starliner: A Decade of Challenges Before Maiden Crewed Voyage

After a decade marked by setbacks and a failed test flight, Boeing's Starliner is poised for its inaugural astronaut mission to the ISS.

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