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Helicopter Pilot's Transition to Fixed-Wing Ends in Tragic Cirrus Crash

A helicopter pilot's lack of experience with fixed-wing aircraft was a decisive factor in a crash on a desert mountainside, resulting in four fatalities.


Cirrus Launches 'Cirrus One' Program to Simplify Aircraft Ownership

Cirrus Aircraft announces the 'Cirrus One' initiative, aiming to lower the hurdles for prospective aircraft owners through innovative ownership solutions.


Over 4,000 Cirrus Aircraft Eligible for Avidyne Vantage12 Upgrade

Avidyne is set to boost its engagement with dealers as more than 4,000 Cirrus SR20s and SR22s aircraft are slated for the Vantage12 avionics upgrade, marking a significant uptick in workload.

Cirrus often denotes either a type of cloud in the Earth's atmosphere, known for its thin, wispy strands, primarily composed of ice crystals, or a brand within the aviation sector, notably associated with Cirrus Aircraft, a leading manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. The term may also extend to various entities across different industries, including technology, finance, and environmental science, where it signifies a level of distinction or specific characteristic unique to the entity it describes. In the context of the aerospace and defense industry, the focus typically narrows to the atmospheric phenomenon relevant to meteorology and aviation safety, or the aircraft manufacturing company known for innovation in safety features, such as the CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System).

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