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Dive into the world of the Boeing 777X, the aerospace giant's newest marvel in wide-body commercial aviation. Our coverage brings you a comprehensive look at the 777X's journey, from groundbreaking design features like folding wingtips and powerful GE9X engines to its anticipated role in reshaping global air travel. Stay abreast of the latest test flights, certification milestones, and airline industry responses as we track the progress and performance of this next-generation airliner.

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Cathay Pacific's Strategic Role for Boeing 777-9

With 21 Boeing 777-9 aircraft on order, Cathay Pacific is betting heavily on this model to enhance its future fleet and operational capacity.


Ethiopian Airlines Growth Hit by Boeing 737-8 and 777X Delays

CEO Mesfin Tasew cites delays in Boeing 737-8 deliveries and doubts on the 777X timeline as major setbacks to Ethiopian Airlines’ expansion plans.


Qatar Airways Nears Major Boeing and Airbus Widebody Order

Qatar Airways is finalizing a significant order for widebody aircraft, expected to be divided between Boeing and Airbus. This move signifies a strategic fleet expansion.

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