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Vanderbilt Doctor Eiman Jahangir to Join Blue Origin Space Flight

Dr. Eiman Jahangir, a Vanderbilt physician, will soon fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut by participating in an upcoming Blue Origin space mission.


Blue Origin Ramps Up BE-4 Engine Deliveries for New Glenn Debut

Blue Origin has made significant progress on BE-4 engine production in recent months, aiming to prepare for the highly anticipated New Glenn rocket's inaugural flight.


Blue Origin CEO Dave Limp Takes Charge Under Jeff Bezos' Guidance

Dave Limp reluctantly accepted the CEO role at Blue Origin, driven by Jeff Bezos' persistent advocacy for his leadership.


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Blue Origin Targets 2025 for Blue Moon Lunar Landing

Blue Origin's first lunar mission, Blue Moon, is scheduled for touchdown between January/February and June/July 2025, as announced by John Couluris on 60 Minutes concerning NASA's Artemis plans.


Blue Origin Advances BE-4 Rocket Engine Development

Initiating a pivotal phase in space propulsion, Blue Origin continues to progress in developing the BE-4 rocket engine, spearheaded by Amazon's Jeff Bezos, targeting to revolutionize space exploration.