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US Navy Awards BAE Systems $54M Contract for Dual Band Decoy

BAE Systems, located in Nashua, NH, secured a $54 million contract with the US Navy to develop the Dual Band Decoy (DBD), a cutting-edge RF countermeasure technology.


BAE Systems to Develop Hyperspectral Instruments for NOAA's GeoXO Constellation

BAE Systems will build the Ocean Color Instrument (OCX) and two additional hyperspectral instruments for NOAA’s GeoXO satellite mission, enhancing weather and climate observation capabilities.


Malloy Aeronautics Expands UAV Production Post-BAE Acquisition

Malloy Aeronautics, acquired by BAE Systems earlier this year, is ramping up production to meet the rising demand for cargo drones, positioning itself for further growth in the UAV market.

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BAE Systems Faces Class Action Over 401(k) Fees

A proposed class action lawsuit challenges BAE Systems Inc. for allegedly incurring excessive fees in its $8.2 billion 401(k) plan, pointing towards third-party recordkeeping costs.