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IndiGo Plans Acquisition of 100 Additional ATR Turboprop Aircraft

This expansion aims to bolster IndiGo's dominance in the regional aviation network they have ruled for the past five years.


Flying Amakusa Airlines' ATR 72-600: A PaxEx Journey

Experience a detailed trip report on Amakusa Airlines' ATR 72-600 flight from Amakusa to Fukuoka, highlighting passenger experience and unique cabin features.


Renegade Air Receives Kenya's First ATR72 Freighter

Renegade Air has taken delivery of its first ATR72-500F aircraft, converted from a passenger plane to a freighter by lesser Abelo.

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ATR Targets 2024 for New Hybrid Propulsion Turboprop

ATR is on track to select a hybrid propulsion system and technology stack for its turboprop aircraft by end of 2024, focusing on enhancing operational capabilities in challenging environments and airports with basic infrastructure.