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Archer to Operate eVTOLs for United Airlines After FAA Certification

Archer Aviation moves closer to deploying its electric air taxis for airport transfers by obtaining Part 135 operator certification from the FAA.


Archer Aviation Receives FAA Certification for Air Taxi Operations

Archer Aviation has been granted its Part 135 certificate by the FAA, enabling it to operate as an airline as it gears up for commercial eVTOL deployment.


BETA Technologies Gains Ground in Middle East AAM Market

While Joby, Archer, and EHang dominate headlines, BETA Technologies has been quietly advancing its presence in the Middle East's advanced air mobility scene.

Archer Aviation, a San Jose-based public firm, is in the process of developing electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft intended for intra-city air taxi services. The eVTOL aircraft allegedly boast a range of 100 miles at speeds topping 150 mph. Noteworthy, Archer has secured its first major corporate partnership with United Airlines, which has placed an order for 200 Archer electric aircraft.

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Archer Aviation Targets Gulf for eVTOL Launch

The Middle East is poised to become the first region with regular commercial eVTOL services, as developers seek agreements with local authorities and industry stakeholders.


Honeywell Backs AAM Pioneers Without Pursuing Own eVTOL Design

While Honeywell steers clear of designing its own eVTOL aircraft, it robustly supports the AAM ecosystem by supplying essential components to almost every electric aircraft developer, from Archer Aviation to Volocopter, and maintains equity in three.