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AVEM Aero Introduces An-12 Freighter for New Cargo Niches

Estonian carrier AVEM Aero has enhanced its fleet capabilities with the Antonov An-12, allowing expansion into military and extended-range air cargo markets through a new Ukrainian agreement.


Red Wings to Launch Il-114-300 Turboprops in 2026

Red Wings will introduce three Ilyushin Il-114-300 turboprops to its fleet in 2026, marking a strategic development in replacing older regional aircraft.


Russia to Retire Antonov An-22 Antei Fleet in 2024

The Russian Aerospace Forces' military transport aviation will cease operations of the world's largest turboprop aircraft, the An-22 'Antey,' starting in 2024.

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Antonov Delivers Racing Yacht for Global Sailing Event

Utilizing its unique heavy-lift capability, Antonov Airlines has successfully completed the delivery of a prominent racing yacht from the US to Spain, marking another step in specialized aviation logistics.