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Anduril Invests $75M to Expand Solid Rocket Motor Production

The expansion in Stone County, MS, will increase production capacity by creating over 60 new jobs by December 2024.


DIU and Air Force Select Four Firms for Modular Drone Testing

Anduril, Integrated Solutions for Systems, Leidos Dynetics, and Zone 5 Technologies will prototype ETVs to create strategic advantages in combat scenarios.


Anduril Advances Pentagon's Vision of Autonomous Drone Swarms

The US military is enhancing its strategic capabilities with autonomous attack drones designed to work in tandem with human operators, aiming to overpower defenses through coordinated swarming techniques.

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Anduril Eyes $12.5 Billion Valuation Amid Revenue Surge

Anduril is in early discussions to raise $1.5 billion, potentially making it one of the year's largest venture capital rounds. The military defense startup aims for a valuation exceeding $12.5 billion, driven by a doubling of its revenue.