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Southwest Plane Plunged Within 400 Feet of Ocean Near Hawaii

Bloomberg reports: A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 in April came within 400 feet of slamming into the ocean off the coast of Hawaii after weather conditions forced pilots to bypass a landing attempt.

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Icon Aircraft identifies successful bidder for sale of company

By The Air Current: Icon Aircraft has identified SG Investment America as the successful bidder for the ultimate sale of its business, according to legal filings, moving the company one step closer to emerging from a Chapter 11 process that it entered in April. .

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FAA investigating titanium used in some Boeing, Airbus jets

By Reuters: The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is investigating whether false or incorrect documents were used to verify the authenticity of titanium used in some recently manufactured Boeing jets, the agency said.

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Ardian, Saudi Fund Offer to Buy 38% of Heathrow for £3.3 Billion

By Bloomberg: Saudia Arabia’s wealth fund stands to gain a bigger stake in London Heathrow Airport alongside its bidding partner, French private equity firm Ardian, after more shareholders in the London hub agreed to offload their holdings.