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US Space Force boots RTX from MEO missile warning/tracking program

Breaking Defense reports: "This was done because the RTX Epoch 1 development effort was facing significant cost growth from the original agreement baseline, projecting slips to the launch schedule, and had unresolved design challenges," a Space Systems Command spokesperson told Breaking Defense.


US Space Force Drops RTX from Missile Warning Program

Space Systems Command cited significant cost growth, projected launch schedule slippage, and unresolved design challenges for removing RTX from the MEO missile warning/tracking program.


Astronauts to Use Moon Dust and Old Satellites for Fuel

Lunar soil and decommissioned satellites could provide a sustainable fuel source for establishing a long-term human presence on the moon, enhancing space mission capabilities.


Kayhan Space Launches Satcat for Enhanced Orbital Data

Kayhan Space has introduced Satcat, a consolidated source of information on objects and events in Earth orbit, streamlining access to orbital data for industry stakeholders.

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Ovzon 3 Reaches Geostationary Orbit, Passes Initial Tests

Ovzon's proprietary satellite, Ovzon 3, has successfully reached its geostationary position and completed initial testing, with promising results. The satellite will support new SATCOM-as-a-Service offerings, including Pegasus and Orion, tailored for enhanced performance.



ESA Plans Satellite Network to Rival SpaceX's Starlink

The European Space Agency (ESA) is exploring the development of a secure mega-constellation of satellites aimed at delivering high-speed broadband, positioning itself as a competitor to SpaceX's Starlink.


AI Drives Innovations in Satellite Imaging

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing satellite imaging by optimizing data processing and enhancing image accuracy, although it's not a flawless solution.


Odysseus Moon Lander Unveils Earth's Detectable Technosignatures

The Odysseus moon lander, spearheaded by astrophysicist Jack Burns, marks the beginning of radio astronomy from the lunar surface, offering insights into what technosignatures from Earth could potentially be observed by extraterrestrial intelligence.


Critical Need for Accurate Space Weather Forecasts

Recent initiatives expose the significant impacts of space weather on essential government and commercial satellite operations, highlighting the need for enhanced forecasting capabilities.