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Ryanair Warns of High Christmas Fares Due to Dublin Airport Cap

CEO Michael O'Leary cautions that the passenger cap at Dublin Airport will result in Christmas fares between €500 and €1,000 and may divert passengers to Belfast.


Ryanair Loses Court Fight Over €10 Billion Spanish Solvency Scheme

The EU's top court upheld the European Commission's approval of a €10 billion Spanish bailout fund to support companies affected by the pandemic.


Ben Gurion's Terminal 1 Reopens as Ryanair Resumes Flights to Israel

Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion airport has resumed operations for the first time since the onset of conflict, marking Ryanair's return to Israel. The reopening raises questions about potential impacts on airfare trends.

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Ryanair Welcomes IAA Verdict on Dublin Airport Fees

The Irish Aviation Authority's recent ruling on Dublin Airport's pricing structure has been positively received by Ryanair, potentially impacting future fare structures and operational costs.


Boeing Delivers 1,500th 737 MAX to Ryanair

Boeing celebrated the delivery of its 1,500th 737 MAX model, a 737-8200, to Ryanair. The milestone aircraft features high seating density and is powered by CFM LEAP-1B engines.