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Challenges in Extracting Lunar Ice in Artemis Program

Despite NASA's hopes, utilizing water ice from the Moon's permanently-shadowed regions may be more difficult than anticipated, endangering plans for sustainable human presence.


NASA Extends Starliner's ISS Mission for Additional Testing

NASA and Boeing have postponed Starliner's return to Earth by at least four days to conduct further testing of the spacecraft's capabilities at the International Space Station.


Chang'e 6 Discovers Key Lunar Particles on Far Side

The Chang'e 6 mission has identified significant particles on the moon's far side, enhancing our understanding of lunar regolith chemistry.

NASA is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government responsible for the civil space program, aeronautics research, and space research. Established in 1958, it has since led most American space exploration, such as the Apollo Moon landing missions and the Space Shuttle. It also oversees the Launch Services Program, and conducts research into Earth's atmosphere, heliophysics, planetary exploration and astrophysics.

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Boeing Starliner, NASA Crew Test Return Slated for June 22

NASA and Boeing are set to return the Boeing Starliner from its Crew Flight Test mission at the International Space Station on June 22. The spacecraft will undock and perform a parachute and airbag-assisted landing in the southwestern United States, pending weather conditions.


Boeing Details X-66A Development with PW102XG Engines

Boeing updates on the X-66A truss-braced-wing demonstrator, confirming it will use the Pratt & Whitney PW102XG engines. Developed under a NASA-backed project, this marks significant progress for the high-efficiency aircraft initiative.


NASA Uses Lasers to Transmit Images to ISS

NASA's innovative laser communication system showcases faster data transmission to the International Space Station, surpassing typical home internet speeds.


Armenia Joins NASA's Artemis Accords

Armenia has become the 43rd nation to sign the Artemis Accords, promoting safe and responsible space exploration. The signing took place in Washington, D.C., highlighting Armenia's commitment to international space collaboration.


NASA Plans Dual Mission to Uranus and Neptune with SLS

NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) now facilitates a robust dual mission to Uranus and Neptune, expanding the scope of outer-planet exploration with its enhanced capabilities following the successful 2022 launch.