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Why India needs a third aircraft carrier reports: Recent media reports indicate that the Indian Navy’s long-standing demand for a third aircraft carrier is finally shuffling closer to fruition, with Cochin Shipyard Limited set to begin the construction of an add-on Vikrant-class 40,000-odd tonne platform.


India Approves Construction of Third Aircraft Carrier

Cochin Shipyard Limited is set to begin building a new 40,000-tonne Vikrant-class platform, advancing the Indian Navy’s long-standing demand for enhanced maritime capabilities.


China's Fujian Aircraft Carrier: More Than Just a Ship

The Fujian incorporates significant technical and operational advancements, and symbolizes China's response to historical challenges.


Largest Exercise Pitch Black to Feature Italian Carrier Cavour

The RAAF's Exercise Pitch Black, the largest in its 43-year history, will see participation from Italy's aircraft carrier Cavour from Jul. 12th to Aug. 2nd, 2024.

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