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Airbus UpNext Begins Testing on Optimate Project for Automated Taxiing

Airbus UpNext has commenced testing for its Optimate project to develop automatic taxiing and enhanced pilot assistance, utilizing advanced automation, computer vision, data fusion, and AI for improved navigation systems.


Taiwan Evaluates Airbus and Boeing Tanker Options Amid Military Delegation Visits

The Taiwanese Air Force continues to review aerial tanker solutions following recent assessments from U.S. and French military delegations in 2023, reflecting ongoing strategic planning in air refueling capabilities.


European Cargo Converts Three Airbus A340-600s to Freighters

UK-based European Cargo is repurposing three former passenger Airbus A340-600 aircraft into freighters, expanding their cargo fleet capabilities.

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Airbus A330-900 Completes Hot & High Tests in Mexico and Bolivia

The Airbus A330-900 MSN1795, registration F-WTTN, successfully conducted hot and high testing in Toluca, Mexico, followed by additional evaluations in La Paz, Bolivia. These tests are crucial for validating the aircraft's performance under extreme environmental conditions.


Airbus, Safran Enhance Supply Chain Resilience

Efforts by Airbus and Safran focus on fortifying supply chain reliability amidst ongoing challenges in aircraft manufacturing, aiming for a more robust operational framework.


100% SAF Reduces Contrails in Airbus A350 Tests

An in-flight study using an Airbus A350 with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel showed significant reductions in soot emissions and contrail formation, highlighting potential climate benefits.


Airbus Raises Concerns Over EU-China Trade Tariffs

Airbus has voiced concerns about escalating trade tensions, following the EU's decision to impose higher tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles. The aerospace giant emphasizes the potential repercussions for its global supply chain.


Airbus Lands Order for 20 A330-900s

On May 15, Airbus announced an order for twenty A330-900 aircraft from an undisclosed customer, increasing firm commitments for the A330neo to over 30 units.


Cebu Pacific Nears Deal for 150 Airbus A320neo Jets

The order, if finalized, would significantly expand Cebu Pacific's fleet, potentially more than doubling its current size with the addition of up to 150 A320neo aircraft. Airbus SE is positioned to be the beneficiary of this substantial deal.


Airbus and Zero Petroleum Collaborate on eSAF Development

The partnership aims to drive commercial-scale adoption of synthetic sustainable aviation fuel by leveraging their combined expertise and resources. Previous agreements with Boeing and Rolls-Royce bolster Zero Petroleum's position in the industry.