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Air France Opens Applications for New Cadet Pilot Program

Air France invites aspiring pilots of all ages and experience levels to apply for its cadet pilot training program aimed at nurturing the next generation of aviators.


Air France-KLM Rules Out Reacquiring ITA Airways Amid Lufthansa Bid

Air France-KLM CEO Ben Smith indicated a disinterest in pursuing ITA Airways, even if Lufthansa's bid falters, emphasizing the group's stance on consolidation opportunities.


SAS CEO Confident in EU Approval for Air France-KLM Stake

SAS chief Anko van der Werff anticipates smooth European Commission approval for Air France-KLM's planned minority investment in the airline.

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EU Investigates 20 Airlines for Greenwashing Claims

The European Commission is conducting a probe into 20 airlines, including Air France, KLM, and Brussels Airlines, for alleged misleading environmental practices, following notifications from the European Consumer Organisation.