These Are the Top Aerospace Stories of 2022

December 29, 2022

2022 has been a big year for Hype Aviation. In March, we introduced our daily newsletter, which now reaches the inboxes of hundreds of subscribers with the latest updates in aviation, defense, and space. In September, we launched a new website and have seen a tenfold increase in the average daily readership since then. Recently, we also launched our Stats feature, which ranks the most influential sources and journalists in the aviation, defense, and space industries based on the popularity and impact of their stories.

We've made significant progress with our core features as well. On an average weekday, we process, evaluate, and prioritize over 3,000 aerospace stories from hundreds of sources. Our Events database has also grown significantly, with more than 1,000 upcoming events in the aviation, defense, and space industries listed, as well as earnings call dates for over 200 aerospace companies. This makes it the most comprehensive resource for industry professionals and enthusiasts to stay up-to-date and plan their schedules.

To wrap up this eventful year, we took the opportunity to review the most popular aerospace news and articles from our database, ranked by their popularity on our website and among aerospace professionals on social media. This gave us a comprehensive month-by-month overview of everything that happened in the world of aviation, defense and space, and we are excited to share it with you.


5G interference near US airports, JWST arrives at L2 and Zara Rutherford completes earthrounding flight:

AT&T, Verizon delay 5G rollout near some airports after airlines warned of flight cancellations

01/18/22 - CNBC - More

Orbital Insertion Burn a Success, Webb Arrives at L2

01/24/22 - NASA - More

Zara Rutherford completes solo flight around the world

01/20/22 - AeroTime - More


Ukraine war starts, Frontier and Spirit boards approve merger:

Ukraine shuts airports, warns of airspace danger

02/23/22 - Military Times - More

Frontier and Spirit to merge creating fifth-largest airline in USin $6.6 billion deal

02/07/22 - CNBC - More

Canada closing its airspace to Russian airliners 'effective immediately'

02/27/22 - Windsor Star - More


China Eastern MU5735 crash, Russian jets and an interview with Fatema Hamdani:

Flight MU5735: China Eastern plane carrying 132 people crashes in Guangxi mountains

03/21/22 - BBC - More

Tracking re-registered Russian jets across the globe

03/14/22 - Flightradar24 - More

Kraus Hamdani Aerospace CEO Talks Long-Endurance Drones and Enhanced Communication Networks

03/28/22 - Aviation Today - More


SpaceX Crew-4 launch and a Florida judge voids the US mask mandate on aircraft:

SpaceX launches 3 visitors to space station for $55M each

04/08/22 - Associated Press - More

Florida judge voids US mask mandate for planes, other travel

04/18/22 - Associated Press - More

Frontier wins in JetBlue-Spirit deal

04/06/22 - The Air Current - More


Boeing plans to move corporate HQ, MU5735 black box points to intentional nosedive, and Boeing Starliner docks with ISS:

Starliner astronauts eager to see results of crew capsule test flight

05/18/22 - Spaceflight Now - More

China Eastern Black Box Points to Intentional Nosedive

05/17/22 - Wall Street Journal - More

Boeing Plans to Move Headquarters to Washington, D.C., Area From Chicago

05/05/22 - Wall Street Journal - More


Air travelers to USno longer need Covid-19 tests, new spacesuits by Axiom Space and Collins, and Lufthansa decides to bring back their A380 fleet:

Biden administration to Halt Outbound Covid-19 Tests for Air Travelers to U.S.

06/10/22 - Wall Street Journal - More

NASA selects Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace for spacesuit contracts

06/01/22 - - More

Lufthansa Reactivates Airbus A380s - First Flights Expected in Summer 2023

06/27/22 - Aviation Source News - More


JetBlue and Spirit announce merger, the world gets to see the first JWST image, and why naming things is difficult:

JetBlue and Spirit Airlines Announce Merger Plan

07/28/22 - New York Times - More

Webb Space Telescope: How to Watch Biden and NASA’s Image Reveal

07/11/22 - New York Times - More

Why NASA Was Pushed to Take James Webb’s Name Off the Telescope

07/12/22 - New York Times - More


American Airlines orders Boom's Overture, and the USArmy grounds all Chinook helicopters, and United plots codeshare agreement with Emirates:

American Airlines' Overture Order Boosts Boom Supersonic Backlog

08/16/22 - Aviation Week - More

USArmy Grounds Entire Fleet Of Chinook Helicopters

08/30/22 - Wall Street Journal - More

United and Emirates plot codeshare agreement

08/30/22 - The Air Current - More


Artemis I launch postponed again, Hubble Telescope may get a reboost, and NASA DART mission slams spacecraft into an asteroid:

NASA Scrubs Second Artemis I Launch Attempt

09/03/22 - New York Times - More

NASA, SpaceX to Study Hubble Telescope Reboost Possibility

09/29/22 - NASA - More

NASA's DART spacecraft successfully slams into asteroid in historic test of planetary defense

09/26/22 - NBC - More


Crew-5 arrives at ISS, NASA's DART was successful, and USconducts joint military exercise with Japan:

The Crew-5 Astronauts Dock to the Space Station

10/06/22 - NASA - More

NASA’s Asteroid-Smashing DART Mission Deemed a Success

10/11/22 - Wall Street Journal - More

USMarine F-35Bs, Japanese Fighters Fly Show of Force Mission Following North Korean Missile Test

10/04/22 - United States Naval Institute - More


Artemis I finally launches, and two devastating crashes:

NASA launches Artemis rocket on a mission to the moon

11/15/22 - CBS - More

B-17, P-63 Collide at Wings Over Dallas Airshow

11/12/22 - Flying Magazine - More

19 dead after commercial aircraft crashes into Lake Victoria in Tanzania

11/06/22 - CNN - More


United places a massive Boeing order, the USArmy orders Bell's V-280 Valor, and Southwest Airlines has a severe operational meltdown:

United Airlines makes big Boeing order, includes 100 Dreamliners

12/13/22 - Reuters - More

Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan issues Update

12/27/22 - Southwest Airlines - More

Bell's V-280 Valor wins US Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft competition, to replace Black Hawk

12/05/22 - Breaking Defense - More

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